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The beginning of the year is worthwhile, with new devices in the pipeline.

SXTsq-Mount – New mounting options

Let’s start small, the mounting options for the SXTsq are now being expanded.

As we recently showed in our video (YouTube), it was previously only possible to mount the SXTsq models using ring clamps, screws or the QMP mast module.

The Mount will be available here in our store:


wAPR-2nD&EC200A-EU – New modem, better prices

The wAP model is the frequent flyer among the most popular MikroTik models. In this version, the classic, low-cost LTE kit has been revised once again.

In addition to the familiar wireless AP, it also features a new LTE modem with B28 band support. This means that very inexpensive, fast LTE connections are still possible, even on a tight budget.

The wAP will be available here in our store:


LtAP LR8 LTE6 kit – New modem, better prices

The LtAP portfolio has been established on the market for a long time and is used in every possible setup thanks to its possibilities. Whether bus, train or motorhome, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Now the device has been overhauled and not only comes with 2.4GHz WiFi, GPS and all the possibilities of the IoT, but now also includes a brand new CAT6 LTE modem, which also makes further price reductions possible.

The module will be available here in our store:


FTC11XG – Higher bandwidths for outdoor fiber-to-copper converters

MikroTik is continuing to expand the portfolio in the area of fiber-to-copper converters.

A new converter for 10Gigabit SFP+ modules (to 10Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet) will soon be available as a welcome addition to the FTC11.

The module will be available here in our store:


XQ+CM0000-XS+ – QSFP28-to-SFP28-Converter

We continue with the converters, namely from QSFP28 to SFP28.

Now it is also possible to make 100G or 40G QSFP28-Ports available for SFP28 modules without any problems.

This is a particularly useful extension for existing CRS504, CRS518 or CRS510 setups!

The module will be available here in our store:


CRS326-4C+20G+2Q+RM – The market wants it, the market gets it: 2.5 Gbit/s ports galore!

Let’s move on to the new top-of-the-line switch from MikroTik. Developed from the requirements of our own employees, we now have an enterprise-level switch that will surprise some with its price.

There are not only SFP+ combo ports or even a pair of 40Gbit/s QSFP cages, but also what is increasingly demanded by MikroTik users: many, many 2.5Gbit/s ports. These are now available in abundance!

The CRS326 be available here in our store:

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