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Notes for starting with RouterOS

We recommend to update RouterOS to the latest version from the start, to delete the default configuration (in order to then configure it yourself) and to use the Winbox for administration (access via IP or MAC address).

Where possible, we use RouterOS (even if SwOS should be available), as SwOS is only a rudimentary RouterOS anyway. The access (Winbox (IP, MAC), SSH, web, etc.) and configuration options are more convenient here.

Note: Please always create a backup after important configuration sections and save it externally!


–> Operating instructions & safety instructions <–


Unit is really „defective“? – RMA necessary? – What should I do?

First exhaust all possibilities:

May you need only these?

The Swiss army knife among resuscitation attempts – Netinstall

For units purchased from our shop (mikrotik-store.eu), please contact us at this e-mail address: rma@mikrotik-store.eu and provide us all neccessary informations


Getting started:


Acquire and understand MikroTik’s licences:


How long will MikroTik devices be supplied with software updates?

  • Original:
    The device has an operating system preinstalled and licensed. No separate purchase is necessary and the product is ready to use. The device includes free software updates for the life of the product or a minimum of 5 years starting from date of purchase..

Mikrotik-Store.eu conclusion: From our experience, we can say that the MikroTik product range are usually supplied with updates without complications, even after more than 5 years. If a device and its CPU architecture fall out of the product range, then there will be no more updates for it. A few years ago, for example, this happened with the „Crossroads“ router board and its CPU architecture (MIPS-LE). But this is very rarely the case.


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MikroTik Compatibility of (Q)SFP(+) modules & PoE